The Park North Luangwa is often considered as the most successfully run park in entire Africa, its anti-poaching program is incredibly effective and it still has a true feeling of untouched wilderness. The latter is hard to find anywhere else. The Frankfurt Zoological Society has also successfully reintroduced black rhinos, making the park the only one in Zambia to offer a chance of seeing all of the big five.
Game One of the finest game viewing parks in the whole of Zambia, if not Africa itself. The big five, pods of hippos, various antelope species, and other smaller animals including vervet monkey and yellow baboons are all found here. This is their natural habitat, unspoiled by extensive contact with humans. Luangwa Valley is also the only place one can spot Crawshay's Zebra and Cookson's Wildebeest, which are endemic to the area.
Bird watching North Luangwa is great place for birders. In the dry season, an experienced ornithologist can encounter up to 75 different species, increasing to 125 in the rainy season.
List of wildlife
Amphibians Clawed Frog Square Marked Toad Red Toad Rain Frog African Bullfrog Ridged Frog Puddle Frog Grey Tree Frog Bubbling Kassina Painted Reed Frog REPTILES African Marsh Terrapin Leopard Tortoise Bell’s Hinged Tortoise House Gecko Bibron’s Gecko Spiny Agama Blue Headed Tree Agama Common Flap Necked Chameleon Rainbow Skink Striped Skink Sundevall’s Writhing Skink Black lined plated Lizard Common Rough scaled Lizard Nile Monitor Savanna Monitor Nile Crocodile Schlegl’s Blind Snake African Python Common House Snake Cape File Snake Blotched Wolf Snake Olive Marsh Snake Southeastern Green Snake Variegated Bush Snake Bark Snake Striped Grass Snake Olive Grass Snake Tiger Snake Boomslang Cape Vine Snake Black Necked Spitting Cobra Black Mamba Rhombic Night Adder Snouted Night Adder Puff Adder Gaboon Viper
 PHOLIDOTA Pangolin Tree Pangolin Rodents Black and Red Squirrel Black Rat Boehm’s Squirrel Bush Squirrel Cane Rat Climbing Mouse Doormouse Fat mouse Giant Mole Rat Giant Rat House mouse Lesser Cane Rat Porcupine Pouched Mouse Pygmy Mouse Silvery Mole Rat Spiny Mouse Spring Hare Sun Squirrel Swamp Rat Tree Mouse ELEPHANT elephantidae African Elephant UNGULATES Artiodactyla Black Lechwe Blue Duiker Buffalo Burchell’s Zebra Bush Pig Bushbuck Common Duiker Common Waterbuck Defassa Waterbuck Eland Giraffe Grysbok Hippopotamus Impala Kafue Lechwe Klipspringer Kudu MAMMALS UNGULATES Artiodactyla Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest Oribi Pangolin Puku Red Lechwe Red forest Duiker Reedbuck Roan Sable Sharpe’s Grysbok Sitatunga Steinbok Tsessebe Warthog Yellow Backed Duiker Perissodactyla Black Rhinoceros Zebra CARNIVORES Carnivora Aard wolf African Striped weasel African Wild Cat Banded Mongoose Bushy tailed Mongoose Mellors Mongoose Caracal Cheetah Civet Clawless Otter Dwarf Mongoose Genet Honey Badger Large Grey Mongoose Leopard Lion Marsh Mongoose Palm Civet Selous’ Mongoose Serval Side striped Jackal Slender Mongoose Spotted Hyaena Spotted neck Otter White-tailed Mongoose Wild Dog Zorilla  PRIMATES Blue Monkey Bush Baby Chacma Baboon Colobus Monkey Grant’s Night Ape Night Ape Vervet Monkey White Nosed Monkey Yellow Baboon AARDVARK Tubilidentata Aardvark INSECTIVORES Insectivora Hedgehog Elephant Shrew Otter Shrew Four Toed Hedgehog BATS Chiroptera Egyptian Fruit Bat Epauletted Fruit Bats False Vampire Bat Leaf Nosed Bats Mastff Bats Simple Nosed Bats Slit Faced Bats Straw coloured Bat Tomb Bats Horseshoe Bats HARES Lagomorpha Red Rock Hare Cape Hare Scrub Hare HYRACOIDEA Procaviidae Rock Hyrax Yellow Spotted Dassie Tree Dassie
FISH Mudsucker Tiger Fish Kafue Pike Moonfish Giant Nile Perch Small Nile Perch Spiny Eel Giant Catfish Sharp Toothed Catfish African Mottled Eel Electric Catfish Bulldog Striped Robber Rock Catlet Sardine Climbing Perch Banded Bream Dwarf Bream Red Breasted Bream Green Headed Bream Kariba Bream Kufue Bream English Fish Humped Bream Yellow Belly Bream Ostyichthyes Lungfish Bichir INSECTS Dragonflies Isoptera Termites White Ants Orthoptera Grasshoppers Crickets Dictyoptera Mantids Dictyoptera Cockroaches Phasmida Stick Insects Hemiptera Bugs Neuroptera Lacewings Antlions Lepidoptera Butterflies- Moths Coleoptera Beetles Hymenoptera Ants Bees Wasps Diptera Housefly Horsefly Tsetse fly Mosquito Robber fly Hover fly Bee fly

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